FREE Cancellation......If  for any reason you cancel within 1 hour of making a booking .......NO FEE will be charged.

FREE Cancellation......If cancelled more than 20 days prior to check in............NO FEE will be charged..

NO FREE Cancellation.....If cancelled less than 20 days out .... IF we can RE-LET at an equivalent Rate...


NO Credit Card  Fees

 for   (Visa, Mastercard, or Union Pay).


CREDIT CARD REFUNDS (if applicable).

All refunds required in the event of cancellations, amendments,

or early check-out will be credited to your card within 24 hours.

Please allow a few working days to become evident....

In case of  NO-SHOWS  or  Early Departures .....No refund.


Management reserve the right to charge a NON REFUNDABLE booking fee for any booking made in advance.  

ALL third party bookings, refunds, cancellation and conditions must be honoured and are not in conjunction with this booking site.

Please do not contact us if you have made a booking through a third party.  It is YOUR responsibility to contact the third party.


When booking has been accepted, you have agreed to ALL the terms and conditions.